Hi there !

First of all, I'm just a hockey fanatic with no official or direct affiliation with the club of Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk. All of this is made purely out of passion for ice-hockey and the KHL championship.

Everything I write here only reflect my own opinion and my ice-hockey knowledges (or lack thereof, in most cases), but who cares, the interweb is a great place for gibberish, huh ? (yes I use the word interweb because it's so hype).

I will add all infos I can gather and translate with the help of relatives and my basic knowledge of the russian language (and google translate).

If you're asking yourself why would anyone support such team, well, let me clarify this for you :

I started following this club because of its true "russian hockey team" spirit, so to speak.
Somehow, a team from deep Tatarstan, formed around the basis of a petrochemical plant crew sounded great to me... Plus I love underdogs... There is no virtue in supporting the strongest, biggest, wealthiest teams, in my opinion...
(Unofficially, I like the fact that no one could ever pronounce or write the team name, but that's because I'm a troublemaker and I like to go against the grain)

Yes, I deliberately want to keep this page clear and up to date, but I also keep a funny angle to it, I enjoy writing and I enjoy being silly...

If you want to contact me, you can do it here :

I'm opened to compliments, questions, insults, suggestions, corrections because I'm cool and don't get offended easily, but I will not tolerate any praise of Moscow teams or Ak Bars because I don't like them...

Links and useful informations :

If you're interested in getting official Neftekhimik merch, you will have to call directly to the store at this number but you will have to speak russian : (8555) 36-86-16
or write to ( in russian too) 
If you can't do it, you can send me a mail, I will do the necessary with pleasure !

For all official material, you gotta go to EN.KHL.RU but they add stock once every apocalypse...

To get infos about Neftekhimik, it's over there : (good luck with translation haha)

Here's a fan site in Russian, if you want to check it out :

Oh, I almost forgot that a bunch of people like me do the same, but for the Medvescak Zagreb, so kudos to them, visit their page !

Allrighty, keep it cool, enjoy


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