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Good morning ! (or good after-noon, or good evening... or whatever)

Neftekhimik will host the 2nd game against Lada tommorow evening, hoping to get their revenge, of course, but meanwhile I thought I'd post a few minor news that's been published recently...

- First of all, I thought I'd post here the line-up used by Coach Heikila for the past two games :


Eronen - Ryazantsev 
Sexton - Stapleton - Milovzorov

Berezin - Antropov
Khokhryakov - Hennessy - Stepanov

Evseenkov - Bilalov
Rybin - Zhukov - Klimenko

Bryntsev -Zdunov - Polygalov - Trunev

- Following the recent internet trends, the club has accepted the famous Ice Bucket Challenge, and the result can be seen right HERE.

- Speaking of videos, HERE is a quick one with the highlights of the game against Lada.

- Finnish goalie Ville Koplannen has posted recently a nice picture of Neftekhimik's travelling bus, you can see it on his Instagram account HERE.

- Earlier this month, the team made a visit of the Nizhnekamsk Neftekhim factoy... A few pictures are available on the team website, or the VKONTACT PAGE HERE as well... 

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