Contracts & Trades

Another contract signed with the arrival of Josh Hennessy !

Josh has played for Vityaz Podolsk in KHL and was signed by Kloten Flyers earlier this year, altough playing only a couple of games in reason of various health issues.

The contract is for 1 season. Welcome Josh !


Dmitry Kosmachev who's been with the team for the past 2 season has inked a 1 year extension.
Forward Mikhail Zhukov, former player of Ugra, signed a contract with our team for two years.

Another interesting comeback has also been announced with Fedor Belyakov, coming back to Neftekhimik, altough he was traded last season. In exhcnage, it seems that Nikita Lisov will join the ranks of CSKA.

Moreover, I thought I would publish here the results of the KHL draft that was conducted last week, here are the players drafted by Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk :

Yevgeny Shuleshov (Defenseman)
Kamil Fazylzyanov (Defenseman)
Alexander Bespalov (Forward)
Petr Prochazka (Defenseman)
Ivan Voroboyov (Forward)
Igor Ugolnikov (Forward)
Maxim Kashin (Forward)
Dmitri Drozhzhin (Forward)

Welcome to the young guns !!


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