Hi there !

I'm awfully sorry for the lack of update these past days, but I've been kept away from computers and also from KHL hockey in general. I know, it's a shame, especially during Play-Offs, but hey, if someone wants to give some help running the site, I would gladly accept it !!

Anyway, I update with the current Quarter-Final sutiation, against Traktor Chelyabinsk, and a tie to 1-1 in the serie at the moment I'm writing these lines...
I'll really try to update more often and more rapidly the site and also work on some more material with analysis etc... as soon as I can, thanks a lot for sticking up, we're reaching the bar of 2000 visits and I honestly never thought it would work so well.. so once again thanks a lot, and please, feel free to send me comments, critics, praises, jokes etc.. I'm interested !

14.03.2014 :  NEFTEKHIMIK NIZHNEKAMSK - Traktor Chelyabinsk  :
   3 -  2

15.03.2014 :   NEFTEKHIMIK NIZHNEKAMSK - Traktor Chelyabinsk  :
  0 -  1


18.03.2014 : Traktor Chelyabinsk - NEFTEKHIMIK NIZHNEKAMSK  :
 0  -  5

19.03.2014 : Traktor Chelyabinsk - NEFTEKHIMIK NIZHNEKAMSK  :
1 -  0 OT

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