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Hi there !

This is going to be a big update, since I was on holidays for a week or so, and stuff happened while I was gone. Being away from most source of modern technologies, I didn't even get to watch any Olympics, yes you can pity me...

Anyway, KHL championship is about to start again for the Petrochemists, on the 26th of February against legendary rivals of AkBars Kazan. Dont miss that out !

First of all, Neftekhimik had 2 games booked during the olympic break, two times against Salavat Yulaev Ufa. 
First one, played at home, was won by Nizhnekamsk  5 - 2
Second game, in Ufa, was won by the host on the score of 1 - 0
As previously said, i was not available and I'm pretty sure that no live streaming was available, so I'm not gonna comment more on this, except than a victory over Ufa is always positive...

Secondly, here is a short interview with the new trainer consultant, Kari Heikkiläm conducted after the first friendly game, at home :

- Kari , what are your impressions after this first test match ?
 - I have noticed that there are a lot of young talented players in the Neftekhimik, but also players with more experience. This is very positive for the future of the team.

- You searched for a new club this season. What , in your opinion ,is still necessary to improve to get a successful team this season? 

- I find it difficult to answer this question . We must think about the future . Now we all need to be patient , start to find carefully selected players for each position and then we will be able to build a good team.

- Kari , was this offer from Nizhnekamsk rather unexpected for you ? 

- I got other offers from other clubs, but I agreed to the proposal from Nizhnekamsk . I believe in this club. We can build a great team here with young and experienced players who will show good results.

- What are your plans for the future?

 - In the near future I'm going to look through all the matches of the Neftekhimik. At the conclusion of the championship, I will spend another two weeks with the team. We will work on technique and tactics , both individually and as a team .

Allrighty, that's all for now, im super stoked to be back in time for the championship to start again, yay !


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