Today's Tokmach


5  -  4 (S/O)
(Final Result)

More like a "Tommorow's feature", but since the game will take place quite early due to time difference, well.. why not, I'm my own boss here.

So what do we have ? This is the Second game on this road trip to the far east for the Neftekhimik, who will oppose Amur Khabarovsk, respectively 12th et 13th in the East standing.

Once again, the petrochemists have their back against the wall and can not afford to lose this one (nor any other game) if they want to mathematically stay in the course. I'm not convinced this is still a priority Nr1, but I chose to keep hoping anyway.

I'm not really worried about they boys win if they play like against the Admiral, 2 days ago.

So, you wake up early, get yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms and you CLICK HERE and enjoy your morning.

Game starts at 10:00 Moscow time ( 07:00 Paris/ 1am in New York)


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