Pretty unpleasant news for fans, Nikolai Belov and Yegor Milovzorov have signed with AkBars with immediate effect.

An agreement has been signed between Tatar rivals Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk and AkBars Kazan giving opportunity for Nizhnekamsk to select Junior during 2nd and 3rd round from 2015 draft.

Both Belov and Milovzorov were cornerstone of Neftekhimik offence and not much has been said about potential replacement.

Milvozorov has rapidly commented on Neftekhimik website :

"In recent days I have very often been asked whether it was true that I was  leaving "Neftekhimik" for  "Ak Bars" . I couldn't answer that question because, indeed, there was nothing to say , as there was nothing confirmed.  
Today everything is clear. I hope our fans will understand this news . After all, I had a chance to compete for the Gagarin Cup . I do not know how the rest of my hockey career in this new team will go, but I'll try to keep my game level and improve.
Thank to all of our fans, residents of Nizhnekamsk , for their warm and great attitude to the team , and in particular to me. I thank the club , all employees of the Neftekhimik for the help they have given me every day. Before playing for Nizhnekamsk  I played for Ugra, Dynamo, Sibir but nowhere have I felt such a warm and attentive attitude towards me and met people who are ready to help at any moment .  These three seasons I spent in Nizhnekamsk I will always keep in my heart . 
 So what I want to say to all is  THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! 
 But I do not say goodbye . As they say, the earth is round , and in hockey anything can happen.

Three Nizhnekamsk players have left the team this week already..

On a better note, the team won with class yesterday against Traktor, 3 -1, but with 2 goals from Milovzorov ( who was omnipresent on the ice), one can start to worry about Neftekhimik's.

Here's a short interview with another hero of the night, the young and promising Bogdan Yakimov, playing for the first time on the first line, alongside Polygalov and Milovzorov :

- It was your first appearance on the ice after the World Cup ...

Since the arrival of Malmo, I've been busy training with everyone.

- In the previous games, for some reason, you where not included in the composition of the team ? Were you not fully recovered ?

Probably, I was not yet fully ready. Coaches decided that I should gain strength . But today I came out fresh and I was ready to play at full speed .

- You're for he first time this season came in the 1st line, alongside Polygalov and Milovzorov. Did you work with the same combination during the training  ?

To be honest , it is very interesting to play with them . In the first period, I did not quite understand what I should do , but during the second period I already  knew what role I had to perform in the top three, and we all turned out successfully .

- You were left aside not so long ago, but today you finally managed to score. What prevented performance ? The suppression of the burden of responsibility ?

Well, no. In recent matches for "Neftekhimik" I created a lot of chances . When you create moments , the goals will come sooner or later . And then came the goal.

- Tell me why today three hockey players got a match penalty , which is rare in a single game ?

Hard to say why. I think this is a coincidence . The game on itself was not coarse, and there was no aggresivity from anybody.

- Who are the players from Traktor that you know are have met before ?

Osnovin . We shook hands , talked , laughed . Everything is fine .

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