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Allright, folks !

We have officially entered the olympic break, where each and everyone will probably have its eyes on Sochi and its brand new arena, for a hockey tournament like rarely seen before !

It is time where all fans do just like the players, and go back to their home country to support their colours. There's no NHL, KHL, NLA, just your own country fighting for a place under the spotlights and on the podium too !

So for the time being, Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk will be on semi-break, next game of the championship being played only on the 26th of February.

My guess is that this break must (and will) be used to improve in a lot of domains, as the last batch of games, played away from home, turned into quite a disaster, the one against Sibir being the icing on the cake of awful ice-hockey !

In Novosibirsk, the petrochemists played like ghosts, no less.
There was no offense, no defense, just a bunch of players wandering behind Sibir's players aimlessely...

Of course, It was clear early on this season that the team were going through a difficult phase, for all the reasons we know ( coaches, players...) but they showed some pride more than once and it would have been great seeing this more often.

Anyway, now we know the play-offs are out of reach for good and that there are only 4 games left after the break, meaning the season is virtually over. But damnit, I hope the squad will do what it takes to win and show the fans and the whole world of hockey what they are capable of. 
The summer break will surely brings its lot of news and changes, and I'll be happy to share and discuss it right here...

Allright, the season is not over yet, I intend to enjoy until the last minute of the last game...

Meanwhile, enjoy Sochi !


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